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Planting trees
today that bear fruit for generations.

To achieve this vision, The Morris Foundation makes investments that link the education, healthcare, and social service systems across Fort Worth.

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What We Do

The Morris Foundation is a private family foundation that makes investments in nonprofit agencies that create improvement in the education, healthcare, and social service systems. The Foundation’s priority is funding agencies that produce measurable outcomes and have lasting impact in our community.

Core Values


Our Founders made the decision to leave their fortune to improve the community where they lived, loved, and worked. We lead remembering the duty we have to honor what they built and the legacy they left for future generations.


We are humbled by the stories of our Founders who overcame barriers early in life to build a prosperous future for themselves that eventually funded The Morris Foundation. We lead with determination to create more stories like theirs across our community.


Jack B. and Linda C. Morris’ love for one another, loyalty for their business partners, empathy for others, and hospitality toward anyone who entered their lives are recalled in the stories told by all who knew them. We lead with the same generous hearts and approachable attitude.


Jack B. Morris started his company by taking scraps from the manufacturing floors of other businesses to revolutionize the carpet padding industry with his patented bonding material. We are motivated to lead with Jack’s spirit of transformation, especially when we see the potential for generational change.

2023 Partners in Progress Report

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